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$218 Flights Florida to Turk and Caicos Islands [Round Trip]

I have been regularly posting cheap flight deals to my other blog, LDS Nomad. I used to see these deals and just be bummed that I couldn’t afford them – now I can share them with you guys for your … Continue reading

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Why I’m Moving to Vietnam Today!

This afternoon I am starting my nearly 24 hour journey to Ho Chi Minh City! I fly from Salt Lake City to Oakland to Los Angeles to Taipei to Ho Chi Minh. The reasons why I’m going are not as clear … Continue reading

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I’m Traveling to Guatemala Today!

Today, my mom and I hop a flight to Guatemala! We fly out of Salt Lake City airport and fly through Atlanta to Guatemala City. We’ll be going to the mountains for a lot of the time to visit those … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I’m Grateful to be in Utah

Growing up, I never planned on living in Utah. In fact, I was kind of against it. But, with it being Thanksgiving, I’m just feeling so grateful to be here this morning. The Lord knew I needed to be here at this … Continue reading

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