About Destiny

I always dreamed of traveling the world.  After living in Mexico and Hungary I applied (with big dreams…and little money) to the Semester at Sea program to continue my education abroad.  While waiting several years for this dream to materialize I completed my Bachelor’s degree in history at Brigham Young University with a personal focus in international Deaf history.

I began my journey to circumnavigate the globe in 2012 and was shocked to “happen” to meet Deaf in nearly every country I visited. I saw their limited circumstances and discussed their dreams to change their nations. It was on a flight from Tibet that the idea behind The Deaf Dream began to materialize. I truly believe that all people deserve the right to pursue their dreams, no matter their financial or health situations! Help out my little non-profit organization here: THE DEAF DREAM

Since Semester at Sea, I have been to 14 more countries including living in Turkey and Germany for brief periods. In November 2015, I’m off again to travel and live abroad! I will be visiting the USA periodically to speak at conferences and schools.

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Feedback? Questions? Ideas?

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