My first trip as the ASL host for Rovia!

My first trip for Rovia is FINALLY here! After two months of waiting, I just flew into New York and am all set up in Le Parker Meridian near Central Park! Oh my goodness, I am so excited!!

I’m here as a host for Rovia (a travel company) and am assigned to travel groups with Deaf clients. I didn’t even know these kind of jobs existed (otherwise I would have been applying for it since I was…5 years old). It’s simply miraculous how this all came together!

On my flight from Phoenix early this morning!

Rovia’s Deaf client base has been expanding but until now, they have not had a host that knows ASL. Fortunately, a friend of mine from Semester at Sea, Sean Trent, recommended me for the position. (He has been working for Rovia for some time.) We had an interview/orientation and I was brought on board!

View from the hotel roof.

I’m a contractor with Rovia, which means I’ll travel about 2xs per month but can decide how much or little I travel. (Such a blessing as I continue to work for the Church as a contractor!)

Drove by the Manhattan Temple!

Absolutely a miracle. With all the help of Sean, and another Semester at Sea friend who works for Rovia, Will Lee, the Lord opened this door wide for me and I am feeling so blessed to be here! Miracles happen, guys!

Sitting in the window seat as I’m writing this post. 🙂

I have to admit, I’m VERY giddy as I’m not used to traveling in luxury. I’m a very content travel hacker (and prefer it 99% of the time), but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this country girl is feeling mighty pampered at the moment! 😀 I’ll share more photos of the hotel later!

Feeling so grateful tonight.

Happy travels, everyone!


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