SNAP Deal! $419 San Francisco to Bangkok Thailand [Round Trip]

Hello everyone!

I’m on my way to bed (yes, it’s only 8:46 on a Saturday night…….so what?) and I found this awesome deal to Thailand that I had to share! 🙂

My number one favorite place to recommend to new travelers is Southeast Asia.

Really, really.

I absolutely love the area, the people, the food (!!) and it’s crazy cheap to travel around over there. Any tickets around $400 are crazy good deals.

Remember that this is a SNAP Deal – so book ASAP because we never know how long these deals are available. And SUBSCRIBE if you want more crazy cheap deals in the future – just last week I found $92 round trip flights from USA to Brazil!



1. Go to this link on Skyscanner >>

2. Type in airport codes SFO and Bangkok.

3. Choose “Cheapest Month”

4. Click on the cheapest tickets available on the flight calendar.

Happy travels!


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