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Airplane wing in the air above white-tipped mountains below.

Several times a week I search for cheap flights to random countries.

What can I say, it’s what I do for fun.¬†ūüôā

I thought I’d just share with you guys the four sites I use for quick flight searches. Oh and this post isn’t advertising anything for these flight websites –¬†this is just me sharing what tools¬†I use most.


Skyscanner does three great things:

1. You can search for flights from your city to “everywhere” – Skyscanner will bring up a list of cheapest tickets to nearly every country in the world.

2. You can search “cheapest month” rather than a specific date – there is a HUGE difference between flying in March¬†verses in June. You can also search for the best dates of the month to fly. I¬†saved hundreds of dollars flying out of Turkey¬†the third week of September rather than the first. Trust me, you WILL save hundreds of dollars¬†(but usually¬†thousands of dollars¬†if you’re going to Europe or Asia).

3. You can search for flights from your home country¬†rather than your home city – just type in “United States of America” rather than SLC in the “from” box and you’ll¬†see what cities provide the cheapest flights to a specific country. Then you¬†drive, take a train, or fly on a cheap airline from your hometown to this international airport. Knowing which cities to fly out of¬†has saved me hundreds of dollars. (Though I used to figure it out through trial and error before Skyscanner came along. ūüôā )

This is a screen shot of when I searched “United States of America” to “Everywhere” on the “Cheapest Month”:

I’m telling ya, Skyscanner is my new favorite tool – it gives you the flexibility to hop the globe whenever it’s cheapest – and it broadens your perspective on where to travel. I have never considered traveling to “Martinique” (wherever that is), but now that I see it’s a cheap $46 flight from the United States, I want to go!

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