Why I’m Moving to Vietnam Today!

Destiny Yarbro moving to Vietnam 2016

This afternoon I am starting my nearly 24 hour journey to Ho Chi Minh City!

I fly from Salt Lake City to Oakland to Los Angeles to Taipei to Ho Chi Minh.

The reasons why I’m going are not as clear cut as the itinerary but I know many of you are curious as to why I’d pack up and move to Vietnam. 🙂

FIRST, I have been to Vietnam twice before and was surprised how quickly I felt at home in this city. The last time I was there, I even felt that I would live there someday. Almost three years later, here I go!

SECOND, I absolutely love branches. If I served in branches the rest of my life, I would die happy. There is such a special spirit to being on the “front lines” of the Church. I love that missionary work is THE work of the branches – it’s everything, not a side program.


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