WALK for Deaf College Students on July 11th!‏

It’s our 2nd annual Virtual 5k for Deaf Dreamers! 

Deaf Virtual 5k for The Deaf Dream

[I sent out this Deaf Dream newsletter this morning:]
Choose a spot near your home where you can walk on JULY 11th to support deaf college students in developing nations.


$5 – 10 pays for a week of college for our deaf students. We have two deaf dreamers from Zimbabwe and Ghana waiting for their chance to go to university and become leaders in their communities. Please consider donating.

GOAL: $500 in donations = One college semester

I totally understand that not all of you are able to sponsor financially, but please walk on July 11th and take a photo / video to show your support. Invite your family and friends to join you. Post it on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram with the hashtag#deaf to spread the word!

GOAL: Help #deaf to trend on social media!

We need your help to make this event a success. Reply to this email to let us know where you’re located!

Thank you for all you do and your continued donations.

Founder, The Deaf Dream

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