VIDEO: My Friend’s Fight for Deaf Muslim Women Rights

***It’s funny, we had been signing in a mix of Turkish Sign Language, American Sign Language, and VGC (Visual Gestural Communication) before filming this, so you can probably see a few ASL signs pop up throughout the video. 🙂 ***

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(Watch with English CC to understand the Turkish Sign Language.)

This is my friend, Burcu. Let me just say, Burcu and her husband, Cem, are awesome. Turks are really welcoming and hospitable – I was so lucky to meet them! We met up a couple of times while I was in Istanbul and I loved seeing their efforts to make a difference. I love Burcu’s passion and enthusiasm for Deaf Muslim women rights in this video!

The Deaf Dream

I watch this and think about all the good that will happen in the world when we start appreciating the value of Deaf contribution worldwide.

I also watch this and think “When will I get back to Turkey?” I love it and I miss it. I want to hop a plane abroad this minute – and just soak it all in: the mosques, the sea, the towers, the donner, the bread, the people. 🙂

My brother is going this summer and I’m SO beyond excited for him!!!


My Favorite Books About Deaf Culture

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