Manhattan by Cruise and Foot [Day 3 as ASL Host for Rovia]


Woke up to a cloudy morning and perfect weather for being outside! I worked on my goals before going downstairs to spend time with everyone at breakfast.

I had some time to rest before we headed out on our lunch cruise. (It’s been a blessing to have so many opportunities to power nap and keep a balance!) On the cruise we¬†went along the coastline of Manhattan, past Ellis Island and around the Statue of Liberty. I absolutely LOVED the views and being on a boat again. ūüôā

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Sunrise over NYC [Day 2 as ASL Host for Rovia]

Sunrise over NYC. ASL Host for Rovia


I was up at 5 – I’m an early bird – so without planning to, I got to see the “sunrise”. Which was mainly watching the colors change on the building reflections – but it was really peaceful before all the heavy traffic started and I was feeling bursts of gratitude for this new job of mine. What a miracle!

I met with my trainer and co-host, Jim and Catherine. Spending a weekend with them has been wonderful – they are awesome! ūüôā Jim has been with the company for decades and gives me so many wonderful tips and suggestions. We watched the news about the Dallas shootings together – just shocked.

I have to share something that was just awesome and totally unexpected. I think Jim and Catherine could tell that I don’t swear because they were quick to limit their cussing around me. SO kind of them! ūüôā¬†

Anyways, after we worked out the logistics for our hearing and Deaf clients, we had lunch together at a wonderful Thai restaurant, Topaz, down the street. Oh how it made me miss Vietnam!

I went back to the hotel for a power nap and then then our customers arrived and I realized two things very quickly:

1) These people are SO fun and social and ready to have a good time. For the most part, they were easy going and just thrilled to be there.

2) They were from all backgrounds – nationally, financially, heritage, etc. There was such a variety – a breath of fresh air! (To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.)

I had a blast talking to everyone and getting to know them. That night we had a welcome reception in the Penthouse Suite (I know, right – so cool for this lil’ country girl!). I was signing nearly the entire time – it is great to be traveling with Deaf clients!

The best part was when Jim mentioned the Dallas shootings and how the best part of this trip is that we’re all from different backgrounds and there is no prejudice or racism in this group. We’re all together to have a good time and become friends. As¬†New York is under alert, everyone was a little edgy I’m sure, and this became one of the most tender moments of the trip for me.

Happy Travels!


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My first trip as the ASL host for Rovia!

My first trip for Rovia is FINALLY here! After two months of waiting, I just flew into New York and am all set up in Le Parker Meridian near Central Park! Oh my goodness, I am so excited!!

I’m here as a host for Rovia (a travel company) and am assigned to travel groups with Deaf clients.¬†I didn’t even know these kind of jobs existed¬†(otherwise I would have been applying for it since I was…5 years old). It’s simply miraculous how this all came together!

On my flight from Phoenix early this morning!

Rovia’s Deaf client base has been expanding but until now, they have not had a host that knows ASL. Fortunately, a¬†friend of mine from Semester at Sea, Sean Trent, recommended me for the position. (He has been working for Rovia for some time.) We had an interview/orientation and I was brought on board!

View from the hotel roof.

I’m a contractor with Rovia, which means I’ll travel about 2xs per month but can decide how much or little I travel. (Such a blessing as I continue to work for the Church as a contractor!)

Drove by the Manhattan Temple!

Absolutely a miracle. With all the help of Sean, and another Semester at Sea friend who works for Rovia, Will Lee, the Lord opened this door wide for me and I am feeling so blessed to be here! Miracles happen, guys!

Sitting in the window seat as I’m writing this post. ūüôā

I have to admit, I’m VERY giddy as I’m not used to traveling in luxury.¬†I’m a very content travel hacker (and prefer it 99% of the time), but I’d be lying if I didn’t say¬†this country girl is feeling mighty pampered at the moment! ūüėÄ I’ll share more photos of the hotel later!

Feeling so grateful tonight.

Happy travels, everyone!


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$218 Flights Florida to Turk and Caicos Islands [Round Trip]

I have been regularly posting cheap flight deals to my other blog, LDS Nomad. I used to see these deals and just be bummed that I couldn’t afford them – now I can share them with you guys for your future travels! ūüôā

$218 Turks and Caicos Islands [Round Trip Flights from Florida!]

Click here to get a closer look at this deal >>


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SNAP Deal! $419 San Francisco to Bangkok Thailand [Round Trip]

Hello everyone!

I’m on my way to bed (yes, it’s only 8:46 on a Saturday night…….so what?) and I found this awesome deal to Thailand that I had to share! ūüôā

My number one favorite place to recommend to new travelers is Southeast Asia.

Really, really.

I absolutely love the area, the people, the food (!!) and it’s crazy cheap to travel around over there. Any tickets around $400 are crazy good deals.

Remember that this is a SNAP Deal – so book ASAP because we never know how long these deals are available. And SUBSCRIBE if you want more crazy cheap deals in the future – just last week I found $92 round trip flights from USA to Brazil!



1. Go to this link on Skyscanner >>

2. Type in airport codes SFO and Bangkok.

3. Choose “Cheapest Month”

4. Click on the cheapest tickets available on the flight calendar.

Happy travels!


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SNAP DEAL! $105 Flights from Florida to Ecuador [Round Trip]

This is a SNAP Deal so book quickly! $105 round trip flights from Florida to Ecuador!


1. Go to this link on Momondo >>

2. Type in airport codes MIA and GYE.

3. Choose dates in 2017:

    Departures: January 18, 20, 25, 27, February 1, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, March 1, 3

¬† ¬† Returns:¬†January 25, 27, February 1, 3, 8, 15, 17, 22, 24, March 1, 3, 8, 10‚Äč

4. Book immediately and cancel within 24 hours if needed. These deals go FAST!

If you do not live in Miami, remember you can purchase a cheap ticket there to take advantage of this deal!

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Picture of the world with the Title of the Blog post. Deaf World Travel Blog
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SNAP DEAL! $399 16 Night Cruise Texas to Spain!

I have started a new section on my other blog,, where I post all of the crazy good deals I find online. Before these deals would drive me crazy because I knew very few people knew about them, but now I can share them with you guys so you can plan your dream trip around the world! ūüôā

I found a $399 16 Night Transatlantic Cruise – Texas to Spain!

This is a SNAP DEAL so make sure you book quickly before the prices change!


Cheap Transatlantic Cruises. Orbitz. Deaf World Travel

You may wonder why on earth a cruise line would offer such cheap voyages.

Here’s the thing.¬†Cruise ships work on circuits. They’ll circle around the Caribbean for half the year and then switch locations. They’re desperate to book any customers for the transition voyage so the tickets are waaaaaay cheap. It’s free food everyday, entertainment, AND you get to see a few countries on the way! I absolutely loved my¬†trip, though I do have three¬†recommendations:

1. Go WITH someone. This is important for two reasons. First,¬†typically you can only book a cabin with two paying passengers. Second, 17 days at sea is a long time without a buddy. That said, I met some AMAZING friends on the cruise that I’m in contact with to this day!

2. Check the cruise line’s tipping policy before booking. Some ships require a minimum tipping fee which can add to your cheap cruise.

3. Book a cheap Ryanair ticket from where you disembark to wherever your final destination is. The most expensive part of a trip to Europe is the flight over, after that you can use travel hacks to keep the costs down.

Good luck on your travels!! ūüôā


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Best Sites for Cheap Flights

Airplane wing in the air above white-tipped mountains below.

Several times a week I search for cheap flights to random countries.

What can I say, it’s what I do for fun.¬†ūüôā

I thought I’d just share with you guys the four sites I use for quick flight searches. Oh and this post isn’t advertising anything for these flight websites –¬†this is just me sharing what tools¬†I use most.


Skyscanner does three great things:

1. You can search for flights from your city to “everywhere” – Skyscanner will bring up a list of cheapest tickets to nearly every country in the world.

2. You can search “cheapest month” rather than a specific date – there is a HUGE difference between flying in March¬†verses in June. You can also search for the best dates of the month to fly. I¬†saved hundreds of dollars flying out of Turkey¬†the third week of September rather than the first. Trust me, you WILL save hundreds of dollars¬†(but usually¬†thousands of dollars¬†if you’re going to Europe or Asia).

3. You can search for flights from your home country¬†rather than your home city – just type in “United States of America” rather than SLC in the “from” box and you’ll¬†see what cities provide the cheapest flights to a specific country. Then you¬†drive, take a train, or fly on a cheap airline from your hometown to this international airport. Knowing which cities to fly out of¬†has saved me hundreds of dollars. (Though I used to figure it out through trial and error before Skyscanner came along. ūüôā )

This is a screen shot of when I searched “United States of America” to “Everywhere” on the “Cheapest Month”:

I’m telling ya, Skyscanner is my new favorite tool – it gives you the flexibility to hop the globe whenever it’s cheapest – and it broadens your perspective on where to travel. I have never considered traveling to “Martinique” (wherever that is), but now that I see it’s a cheap $46 flight from the United States, I want to go!

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Met a Vietnamese Veteran Today…

One of the most poignant experiences of my life was to meet a Vietnamese Veteran today…

Read the whole story on my other blog >>


Vietnamese Veteran Holding Picture of himself back in the Vietnam War

Read about why I’m living in Vietnam here >>

Destiny Yarbro move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. LDS Nomads. Cheap LDS Travel.


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Walked out the door…met group called “Funny Deaf”

After lunch at the cafe below my apartment, I walked out to see deaf people chatting by our swimming pool. I walked up and introduced myself and before I knew it, they had welcomed me into the nearest cafe and started telling me about their project, Funny Deaf.

Large group of deaf signing "F" and "D" together in a sign for "Funny Deaf".

“Funny Deaf” is a filming project where this group of friends is trying to show hearing people in Vietnam that Deaf are happy and capable. They said so many times Deaf are portrayed as unhappy or limited in film and they want to change that. Isn’t that awesome!?!

Check out their Facebook Group here >>

I just couldn’t believe that they were right there in my apartment complex and that one of the group actually is my neighbor. Coincidence? I think not! ūüôā

Feeling so grateful to be where I am!



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